Face Moisturizing Lotion

Face Moisturizing Lotion
Face Moisturizing Lotion

Himalaya's Nourishing Face Moisturizing Lotion is a unique formulation of all natural ingredients that rehydrates your skin and restores its vitality. Enriched with all natural moisturizing ingredients like Aloe Vera, a natural moisturizer rich in polysaccharides and enzymes, and White Lily and Almond Oil, a rich source of natural Vitamin E; The Nourishing Face Moisturizing Lotion nourishes your skin while protecting it from damage caused by exposure to pollution and sunlight. This all natural formula is safe to use for all skin type and can be applied as a make-up base.

Category: Facial moisturizer
How to use: Following your facial cleansing regiment, apply all over the face and neck with gentle upward strokes. Suitable for all skin types.
Volume: 100ml

Face Moisturizing Lotion
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